Thank you for visiting our website. GEO-GROUPS is an exciting company based in Cameroon, which acts as a Mandate or Facilitator introducing REAL Buyers to REAL Seller and arranges contracts for the supply of a variety of sought after commodities between established Sellers and Buyers in the Commodity Industry.

We have been fully employed pursuing this difficult business for over 2 years and it has taken this time to sort out the REAL Suppliers and/or REAL Buyers from the time wasters, scammers, criminals, idiots, and bullshit artists who perpetrate this industry in large numbers.

Save your time and money by taking advantage of our experience in sourcing commodities, products and services and get rid of the never ending stress of finding genuine Suppliers and/or Buyers and let our professional team work for you.

GEO-GROUPS Traders act as Mandate or facilitator introducing REAL Buyers to REAL Sellers in Africa. We are confident you will find us to be an excellent trading partner with experience, integrity and professionalism. Most importantly we can connect you to genuine Sellers and/or Buyers who can really make it happen for you.

Many deals falter through lack of supply and poor service and can cost you a fortune in wasted time and loss of contracts with potential clients. Dealing with experienced operators is an intelligent short-cut to success.